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Man holding plant and inspecting it

We work closely with farmers and have created processes, which significantly reduce waste, whilst ensuring our farms are able to export at an equitable rate.

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From the farm to your plate – sustainably and ethically grown fresh produce

Split avocado with the nut being removed and juices flowing around it


Harvested with care and ready to be savoured, our avocados are hand picked by local farmers.

Split avocado with the nut being removed and juices flowing around it


Nutritionally dense and sweet, our bananas are one of our most popular fruits.

Cut up mango with some green leaves falling away from the mango


Juicy and fresh. Our delicious mangos also have a wealth of associated nutrients and health benefits.

Pile of green beans with an open bean pod


With a sphere of sweet flesh surrounded by a tough outer skin, pineapples are a juicy tropical fruit.

Man holding fresh avocados.

What’s the Story?

AVO Distribution Group is a new and exciting fresh produce supplier. Our aim is to deliver the freshest produce to customers across the globe. We are committed to the highest levels of quality assurance whilst aiming to be fun and engaging. As we grow we will build on our established GlobalG.A.P and SMETA accredited farms and continue to work ethically, with integrity and professionalism.

Planting the seeds for the future of our industry.

Learn more about our ethical farming practices, focus on traceability and our efforts to support local communities where our farms are located.

Fresh produce that forms part of a healthy diet .

Learn more about the health benefits of our freshly grown fruit and veg, brimming with nutritional value that supports a healthy diet and lifestlye.

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